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Rules of OriginEarth

§ Follow all guidelines of server staff.

§ Do not spam, use caps, curse or be toxic in chat.

§ Do not abuse glitches, bugs, powers or exploits.

§ Do not harass, scam, trap or grief players.

§ Do not advertise or mention other servers.

§ Do not use any mods, software, macros or unfair advantages.

§ Do not do fully automatic farms or AFK farming.

§ Intentionally killing afk players in any way possible is forbidden.

§ Intentionally killing players with fire or lava is forbidden, war is an exception.

Building Guidelines

§ Do not cover seas, oceans, big lakes or major canals.

§ Do not build floating things that truly cannot float.

§ Do not build contraptions that could lag the server.

§ Do not make any offensive symbols or text.

§ Do not make 1x1 - 1x2 pillars or holes.

§ Do not flatten mountains entirely.

Towny Rules

§ Do not use border autofill to claim large areas on map.

§ Do not surround or block other towns purposefully.

§ Do not make snake borders for whatever reasons.

§ Claim empty areas inside your territory before claiming more land.

§ Claimed area that is not connected to your main claim has to have outpost claim, otherwise it is to be unclaimed.